About us

By analysing aspects of a given user’s online behaviour, our PredictionAPI engine can predict a range of variables that includes happiness, intelligence, political orientation and more. These predictions combine to generate a Big Five Personality Profile.

Input data for our engine could be derived from any digital footprint. At present we accept Facebook Like IDs, so if you would like to obtain predictions from open text, Google+ Follows, Tweets, or other data forms, you will need to convert these into Like IDs before applying magic sauce.

We are also able to build new models to accept these data forms without the need for conversion, and welcome your suggestions on what other aspects of digital behaviour you might like us to investigate.

Apply Magic Sauce was developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. Please ensure you give credit as follows for any applications you develop or materials you publish using our engine: "PredictionAPI by Apply Magic Sauce (www.applymagicsauce.com)".


PredictionAPI is free to use. Sign up now.

Note: If you find that you need additional support or a guarantee of engine stability for larger projects, then please contact us.