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    Personality-based targeting cuts the cost of acquiring fans. The Preferences Tool was used recently by London-based agency I-spy Marketing in a Facebook fanning campaign targeting 16-17 year olds for an ...
  • Get inside the customer's head
    Get inside the customer's head
    Preferences is the tool that mind-reads audiences. Take the demo tour at www.preferencetool.com
    It's based on 4 years of scientific research at Cambridge, and a database of over 6 mn personality profiles.

Get inside the customer's head

Get inside your customers' heads with Preference – the online tool that mind-reads your audiences.

Preference Tool is the fruit of 4 years of scientific research at Cambridge; it's a unique business toolset and database with data from millions of individuals. Creative and Media Agencies both sides of the Atlantic are using it to unlock the power of personality and refine and reach their audiences more accurately.

Preference Tool is available as a turn-up-and-use-it service online . Just enter the web objects that interest you and instantly see the profile of personality, IQ and satisfaction with life for the consumers who prefer that object, as well as all the usual demographic details like age and gender. The data are based on the largest ever survey of personality in the world.

Preference Tool can also find other objects that have consumers who are the best fit for the object you're searching for. That's great for automatically creating targeting segments, just:

  1. Search for your object (e.g. skiing)
  2. We'll automatically calculate other objects that are most closely related to your object using advanced statistical methods (mountain biking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, running, canoeing, water skiing, climbing, sailing... we'll give you 100 of them)
  3. Export our personality and overlap-based keywords to your campaign management platform, and watch the performance improve!

Preference Tool takes the guess-work out of targeting.