David Stillwell, Science Director

David advances our knowledge about the science of personality and measurement, and gets our data to deliver value for our clients

David makes sure our personality data is robust and that it means something. When our results identify a group of people as Conscientious, it doesn't just mean that we know they prefer their life to be ordered. It also means we are able to predict lots of other things that businesses would like to know. Like they are::

  • less likely to get ill
  • more likely to excel at work
  • more likely to complain in a restaurant if they get the wrong food

David's work with the psychometric science behind our Preference Tool, exploiting the long history of research in Psychology, allows us to leverage our insights and data by relating them to the full body of knowledge about personality science.

David originally set up the myPersonality Facebook application in 2007, and after attracting hundreds of thousands of users within a week, it has been part of his academic and commercial research ever since. David studied for his PhD in decision-making at Nottingham University, is a member of the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre, and has also worked at Microsoft Research in the Machine Learning Group. He enjoys bringing academic research to a wide audience - not only the results but the process too.

David's Personality

When David takes our personality tests, they show he is very open to playing and thinking about new ideas, which contrasts with being a little conventional when it comes to new experiences. David is introverted, which does not mean that he wants to be alone - he just loves being around extroverts.