Michal Kosinski, Technical Director

Michal builds our tools, develops our algorithms, and does wicked things with statistics.

Michal, as Centre Director at the Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre, and Leader of the e-Psychometrics Unit, works every day with large businesses on automating their psychological and personality measurement process. He is also a research advisor to the Online Services and Advertising group at the Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Michal completed his MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge in 2009 with distinction, and also has an MSc in Psychology at the Warsaw School of Social Psychology, specialising in consumer behaviour and marketing.

A serial entrepreneur from the age of 19, when he founded his first Internet Cafe and quickly expanded its operations to dozens of employees, he founded a company that provided consultancy services, project management and outsourcing in the area of software development and information and communication technology. Among the customers were the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, Polish Telecom, Danone Poland, BENQ, and Active24.pl.

Between 2003 and 2006, Michal was also Brand Manager for IMPET Computers Ltd, supervising a comprehensive project to develop the VoIP products brand. 'TalkPro' became the best-selling VoIP brand on the Polish market.

Michal's favourite projects outside Cambridge Personality Research include:

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