Case Study Gallery

Here are summaries from projects we have scoped or executed with our clients, which show the benefits of an automated workflow for harnessing the power of people

The company identities are not given in this public webspace.

Tell me about my customers

One of our clients sells a popular online home office product which has amassed a Facebook following of nearly 1 million fans. But how can the fans be used to help the business? The client was planning to promote new specialist product-lines in sectors such as healthcare, media, finance and travel. Could we predict which product-lines the Fans would like most?


Data Infill

The owner of a consumer data product wants to increase the number of attributes it knows about individuals, without the expense and trouble of collecting information from each customer.


Facebook Fanning

A financial services brand, working with a marketing agency to build young fans for their youth insurance product, used our Preference Tool to create targeting segmentations based on personality. Half the campaign spend was allocated to this, and half was spent according to the Account Managers' normal targeting techniques. So this was a test for personality-based targeting.