Tell me about my customers

One of our clients sells a popular online home office product which has amassed a Facebook following of nearly 1 million fans. But how can the fans be used to help the business? The client was planning to promote new specialist product-lines in sectors such as healthcare, media, finance and travel. Could we predict which product-lines the Fans would like most?This was a task of brand insight.

First, we mapped the personality of the Fanbase using our Preference Tool. It produced a diagram like this, showing a very distinctive psychology for the client's brand.

In one of the target sectors, Travel & Tourism, we created a semi-supervised list of all the significant web objects. Every one of these was processed in Preference Tool for its personality profile.

Here's an example of a group of 4 similar travel objects (Cruise Lines) compared with the client brand's personality profile.  This is the visual display but we also collected the numerical values for statistical processing. The client's brand is yellow.

This kind of approach has given us a ranking of any Travel & Tourism objects in terms of psychological closeness to the client's Fanbase, by taking a measure of how well they fit the Fan profile. We can also analyse the Travel objects in groups: luxury, family, special interest, etc.

Now the client knows what objects in the Travel category its followers will respond to most strongly. That gives a firmer basis for developing new products. We repeat the exercise with any other categories, to discover which business areas look most fruitful for this client, and this gives guidance too for strategic thinking about which new products to prioritise.

Note how quick and painless this process is compared to conventional audience research.