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Preference Tool is at .

You can use the demo with a limited number of objects for free. Logon as user: demo & password: demo. Or there are commercial versions which you can access online. We offer Preference commercially in two forms:

For quick insights.

You want to see personality dimensions of just one object. Give the keyword and select your object. Preference Tool shows you all objects with matching personality profiles, plus the profile of your object.  We price your access according to the number of objects you are interested in: buy more terms to research your business partners or your competition.  The system stores your terms and gives you access to them for 30 days.

Quick Insight Bundles US$
Single object insight 19
Bundle of 10 object insights 99
Bundle of 100 object insights 500

For Ad Agencies.

You are a creative or media agency, and access to Preference Tool helps everything you do. You will explore and manipulate the personality dimension of unlimited objects, looking for insights, audiences and advantage.  We give you unlimited use of Preference Tool. Your subscription is US$ 999 per month for up to ten nominated users. You'll get a discount for buying a year’s subscription.

Make your payment on PayPal choosing the “subscribe” button you want and select your price option. As part of this process, you will give us your email and contact information, and we will be notified of your payment.

Within 24 hours we will send you your login ID and password by e-mail. Just go to the Preference Tool home screen at , accept our Terms and Conditions, and get started. You can change your login name and password in the “account” tab.

For any payment questions, including other payment options, just mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Quick Insights


For Ad Agencies